soilstabilisation2 - Soil Stabilisation and Modification

Soil stabilisation and modification, when done properly, can be the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial solution to dealing with contaminated, weakened or unsuitable soil when compared to disposal off-site.

As renowned specialists in soil stabilisation and modification for many years, we instantly know how best to handle the soil on your site to improve its performance whilst bringing these cost benefits to the project.

By enhancing the characteristics of your site materials, we can help you reduce short-term construction costs whilst increasing the life of the pavement for the long-term. By helping you to recycle the materials on your site, rather than dispose of them to landfill, we can help you cut total project costs significantly too.

Using new methods as well as traditional lime treatments and cement bound materials (CBM), we can modify and strengthen the soil on your site to take the weight of your construction regardless of the soil that currently exists.

We are frequently contracted to assist with more complex projects due to our experience and technical expertise. If you’re planning earthworks for highways, airports residential or commercial developments on difficult foundations, such as Brownfield sites, please contact the SGE team first.