soilstabilisation2 - Soil Stabilisation and Modification

Tailored, Cost-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Soil stabilisation and modification, done right, stand out as the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to tackle problems with contaminated, weak, or unsuitable soil. This method offers a stark contrast to the expensive and less sustainable choice of off-site disposal.

Our Specialisation

As experts in soil stabilisation and modification, SGE brings instinctive understanding and technical skill to improve your site’s soil performance. Our extensive experience enables us to quickly find and apply the most effective solutions, delivering significant cost savings for your project.

Boosting Performance While Cutting Costs

We aim to improve your site materials’ properties while focusing on reducing immediate construction costs and enhancing the durability of pavements and infrastructures for the long term. Promoting the recycling of materials on-site instead of disposing of them in landfills allows us to drastically reduce the overall project expenses.

Combining Innovative and Traditional Methods

With a mix of cutting-edge techniques and traditional treatments like lime and cement-bound materials (CBM), we have the expertise to modify and strengthen the soil on your site. This ensures it can bear the weight and meet the requirements of your construction project, no matter the current soil condition.

Expertise for Complex Projects

SGE is often called upon for complex projects that require a deep level of technical knowledge and experience. Whether it’s earthworks for highways, airports, residential or commercial developments on challenging grounds like Brownfield sites, our team is prepared to offer the specialised support needed.

Why Pick SGE?

Choosing SGE means partnering with a team that knows how crucial it is to find the right balance between technical needs, environmental care, and cost-efficiency. Our dedication to innovation and sustainable practices makes us frontrunners in soil stabilisation and modification.

Contact Us

If you’re gearing up for earthworks and need expert advice on soil stabilisation and modification, get in touch with the SGE team. We’re here to lend our expertise to your project, ensuring a strong and lasting foundation from the start.