soilremediation2 - Soil Remediation

As available Greenfield sites become harder to find, developers are turning to Brownfield sites as locations for redevelopment opportunities. Consequently, the need for soil remediation is becoming increasingly important to clean up the pollutants and contaminants in the soil to ensure its safety for humans.

The SGE team has worked closely with developers for many years and has become renowned for their high level of expertise in handling complex projects. Technically minded, with unparalleled insight into how best to manage affected materials, we instinctively and scientifically know which remediation approach to use for the land’s intended use and project budget.

From laboratory analysis to treatment of materials and purification of groundwater, we specialise in the transformation of Brownfield sites in accordance with the latest legislation in construction and environmental standards.

We also offer specialist pavement demolition services, including crushing and removal of pavement materials from Brownfield sites, where we provide and operate the heavy plant machinery required.

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