labtesting - Laboratory Testing & Analysis

Whilst the team at SGE has built a strong reputation for offering instant insight and assessment of materials, we leave nothing to chance. All earthworks solutions we recommend are backed up with solid laboratory testing and analysis.

This precautionary method, combined with our innate ability to assess soils and materials, means that you won’t find better advice on the most technically viable methods for treating your soil.

We have experience and knowledge of all the British Standards for testing of soil stabilisation, modification and remediation, which will save you time and money too.

We are adept at offering value-engineering solutions to help you discover cost advantages even where it may look like there are none. Following an initial desktop study of the soil reports, if we think there are opportunities open to you, we’ll work with independent UKAS registered labs to carry out compliance testing from start to finish.

Not only do we know how to use the results generated from each specific test but we also take that another step further. Using the findings, we can calculate the various combinations and treatments open to you and advise you on what can be done with those materials.

There could be significant value in the materials at your site. Find out more by contacting the SGE team.